The Kohala Project

So I aquired Kohala this year from a really amazing person (thanks Heather)! I had been eyeballing him for some time since his appearance online in 2016, and he just immediately stood out! His body looked three toned, and his coloration just reminded me of a galaxy of stars!
Now Kohala was produced by AJD Reptiles Kilauea x Hilo, which are two amazing geckos that produce great looking kids.
I love the shade of pinks these geckos produce! To my knowledge Kohala is the only kid produced that came out with that three tone look, which is thought to be a giant oil spot or combined oil spotting. It may be nothing, but wouldn't it be really amazing if it was something he could pass on to his own kids? I would like to see if it can be replicated through this line and it is very exciting to see what Kohala may produce!
So what do we know? I know that Kohala showed signs of something being up as a kid, and we know how much these guys can change according to their lines.
If you have read up to this point then thanks for following me on this neat journey. Other then replication of the three tone, these lines produce amazing pinks so I am hoping to get some gorgeous kids.

2019  Kohala x Rose Gold

As of 9/23/2019 only one fertile egg was produced this year. Unfortunately the female that Kohala was paired to, all eggs after the original egg have been unfertiles. Now that isn't too common but it can happen especially with unproven females. Rose Gold was a great candidate due to her lines. She was produced by Bertopia Match x Sparkle. 
The one fertile egg did hatch and did produce an adorable kid. Time will tell if he will display the same tones as his dad. Either way its a great looking kid and I will keep this project updated. Thank you all! 

2020 Kohala x Zoom

Kohala has been paired with Zoom so crossing fingers we get some eggs soon! I will update with results!