Attack of the Loans

With 2022 around the corner you may be thinking about what projects you are going to be working on and in that train of thought you may realize you don't have all the components to work on that project. Loans can be a really great way to get a jump on those projects while also mutually benefiting both parties.

Let me start off with a BIG disclaimer, I don't care if you have known the person you want to do a loan with for years and years, you should have a written document stating the terms of your loans before any animals get exchanged. I myself have done multiple loans with the same people so it has gotten lax over the years, but the same rules apply, you need to make sure you are on the same page! I will be writing out some common terms and conditions but keep in mind that this is just an outline to help, and know that loan terms can fluctuate depending on the conditions.


First of all, if you are doing a loan then its probably for a project, so make sure you discuss what you plan to get out of the pairing(s) and how long it may take to get the results you need. For most people it may just be a season or it may be a long term loan that could take a few years. Either way be very open about your expectations!


Now that you know what you plan to work on, you need to figure out where the geckos are going to go. If its a male the person will most likely send it to the other breeder for female(s). Guys PLEASE make sure you trust who you are working with when it comes to males. Male crested geckos can pair with multiple females! Also keep in mind how you will handle the cost of housing/feeding these extra animals that pop out your loan.


When working with animals you never know if something will go wrong, so you will need to discuss medical, such as what vet you will use or how you will handle the costs of those bills.

Egg management:

Once those eggs start rolling you will need to know how the kids will be divided up! Who is going to get what? Will you choose after they hatch? What if its a LW or Axanthic project and you pick before they hatch and they get no visuals? Or will you divide the visuals? All these things need to be addressed before you pair so you can come to an agreement!


Whenever you loan ends you will probably send the kids out and geckos back to the owners ( make sure you know who will pay for shipping before and after the loan) but remember they can lay quite a bit of eggs so sometimes you may want to sell geckos while your loan is still in place! You will need to decide how to handle the money coming in from a loan. Here are a few I have done.

  • You sell a gecko that 100% belongs to you in a loan so you get all the money.

  • Both of you own the geckos ( 50% 50%) so if you sell the gecko you each get half.

  • You sell a gecko for your loan partner so they get all the money, or you may take a cut to sell for them.

  • You divide the money into the number of people who are in on the loan for each gecko.

Remember if you use services to get money in other then zelle they will take a percent of that cut so you need to determine how you will handle that as well!


I would suggest a plan of what times you will be relaying information about the project to your partner. In real life this may not be your only source of income and you may have other things to deal with like your family, events, trips ect. Make sure you talk about when would be the appropriate times and stick to those times so there is open communication always. You don't want to be the guy who is calling or asking for pictures everyday, but on the other end you can't take a loan and then not communicate with the other person for months. Figure out what works best for both you!

I hope this outline helps you determine how you will set up your loans!

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