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Hey everyone so I hope you all are doing safe! Just a few updates, I am not shipping or doing holds right now. Right now in San Antonio, the cases of Covid19 are shooting up so bad ( up to almost 200 in one day) and I do not want to leave my house except for groceries if i can help it.

I did go to Tinley this March and I was in Chicago when they started to shut it down. I choked on disappointment, it was like that for many people that made the trek out there. I want to say that the rest of the trip was good ( I did get a lot of business done and it was nice to see some friends), but a lot of people where on edge and upset and it was extremely hard to be away from my family when all this stuff went down. All I wanted was to get home and take care of my kids. Having said that I can not wait to have a redo, hopefully later on this year, because for many of us it is more then just a reptile show, it is a safe haven, and we look forward to it all year.

My 2020 Leachie project has been put on hold until this all blows over and the geckos I was getting in will have to wait, which sucks, but they couldn't be in better hands. Good things come to those who wait, and I am using this break to focus on my 2020 crested gecko projects and enjoy seeing my 2019 geckos making them gains.

I am also trying to save up some cash to work on improving the gecko room. I am talking racks upon racks, semi bioactives, light fixtures, and all these other things to best make my animals feel at home and for me to be able to be 100% more productive.

This year I would feel the theme for me is hoarding! Hold on to those kids for dear life, and get to know the lines you are working with. I think one of the reasons I like to work with crested geckos so much is that even if you learn the traits, they can still surprise you!

Of course I am always here to help you guys out, you know this. Bouncing off that, I may not be selling but I have plenty of friends that are, and I will be sharing those posts on my page for you guys! Like i mentioned on my page, I may be slower to answer due to my kids classwork ( holy crap it's a lot), but I will get back to you so do not be afraid to message me!

I am really excited to be working on this blog and to share some articles with you all! So I hope this helps and as always thanks for your support. Stay safe, stay in, and tell your geckos I say haiiii!

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