Goodbye 2020!

This past few days I hatched out the first 100% het Axanthic produced here ( UK lines) and its just such a huge goal and amazing moment that has been years in the making!

Gooey baby


Both parents where grown out from around 2g so you can imagine just how proud I feel. I always joke that I can wait my whole life to get to the end game on my projects, and this pass year more then ever I was tested on my patience. I said this year would be my year and in many ways it really was! I produced some of the best geckos that have come out in these past 5 years, of course always producing for myself first and the public second. I was blessed to sell some dream geckos to you all, and I am always forever grateful for every purchase, every like, and every comment as you follow me reaching these personal goals. Thank you so much!

I now produce everything I could ever want when it comes to crested geckos both through my personal collection, and because I am very blessed to be doing loans with amazing people! I want to personally thank Jennifer O' Connor, Krystal's Scaled Menagerie, Tipsy Scales, and of course my mentor Ariel Cudia from Aritonnic, and his amazing partner Stephanie Wasielewski! I always saying that you can't ever really do this alone, I have gotten so much advice and been hyped up by so many amazing people. I learn so much every day and and very blessed to have some true amazing friends in the community.

This next year breeding year has already started with so many projects and new experiences with breeding species I have never bred before. When it comes to cresties this next year will hopefully bring us some 100% Het Axanthic Lilly Whites, and maybe even visuals as my amazing gorgeous 100% hets are growing up here nicely. Of course I want to continue to produce tricolors, extremes, white walls, and hopefully some crazy nice red LWs. We already have some eggs from a crazy Garg paring cooking and some Leachies paired up! Maybe I will even get to pair up some chahoua this next year as I wait ever so patiencely for my gorgeous females to lay those precious infertile eggs. They will hit 2 years old this march!

I want to leave this entry off on a note of encouragement, because I have been seeing so much negativity coming from the groups. My advice to you is if you want to pair and you can take care of the kids that come out of the pairing until you can sell or rehome or whatever it is, then do it! I know many people mean well, but when it comes to breeding nothing beats personal experience. Breed for yourself first, and if you have any questions you can reach me at my page always! I hope this next year goes well for everyone both on your projects and in your personal lives!

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