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How to make a label

Lately I have been getting a lot of shipping questions so I thought I would make a few article's explaining on how to ship geckos, I mean the whole process of what you will be going through when it comes to shipping. This will be imperative to know if you plan on being an online seller!

Before you even think about shipping you are going to need to make the label through a shipping company. I have used Reptiles2you for years, and in my opinion is the best there is when coming to shipping. In the current conditions where delays are very possible, temperatures can fluctuate from day to day, and Fedex being under staffed with glitches in their system, you want someone who is on it 24/7! For the sake of the article, I will be guiding you using the website Reptiles2you. Side note you will need to create a new free account to make a label.

Making a label:

In order to find out how much a label will cost you to ship from you to your costumer you will need to put in your zip code and then the zip code of where it is going. After that you will put in the weight of the box and the dimensions of the box and click "Go." You will always quote using the Priority Overnight ( live animals need to be shipped overnight) and it will also show what time the animal(s) will get in. This will vary based on how far away someone is from their Fedex Hub. The price will show you how much it cost to ship your gecko minus taxes. Every year for a while now shipping prices have been going up so expect it to be from 70-80$ a box ( this also depends on the size). Now let us make a label!

This is what you will see when you are making a label. You will need to ask your costumer for their Name, Address, Email, and Phone number. Make sure to put in the information as stated above. If using a Fedex Hub address you can select " This is a business address."

You will see these options below. The main ones are

  • Shipment Notifications Options: Here you will be able to put in your email and your costumers email to get updates on tracking.

  • HAL : This tab allows you to see what Fedex Hubs they can use to hold their animals at for pick up. This is a great resource to use if it is too cold/hot to be on a truck for a long time or the person will not be able to be home at the time it is suppose to get in.

  • Schedule a pickup: I have yet to use this service but this is a great option if you want Fedex to pick up your packages for a small fee.

After you are done with all the information you can select quote shipping to pay for your label. Your account tab will have all your labels and you can print your labels from there! All labels are good for roughly 30 days, but if it seems like it may take that long Reptiles2you can refund you your money so you can make another label for another time.

Picture credit: Reptiles2you

If you want to know what hub your shipment will go through and you will need to know to check overnight temps, use the following info above!

I hope this helps you understand how to make a label to ship out your geckos! Next article will explain how to ship your geckos.

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