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Just some updates!

To start off with, we close and then moved two days later to our new home, and it was sooo hectic! We could not have done the move without the help of our friends and my brother and sister-in-law came in super clutch! We must have taken about a week in combined efforts to get all our stuff out so we could clean the rental ( we are still working on it now) because our lease isn't up until July 17th, and we need to get it ready for the next family! This is our first house so its just such a big deal and a something we didn't think we would do for three more years so our family is just so happy to be in our new home!

Of course a new home means a new gecko room so upgrades people! It is bigger and I was able to use some sales to get some new racks in! Here is the current state but not final look of the room:

Not shown is the very messy rest of the room, where I have gone through alot of my inventory and I am currently in the process of swapping out bins for racks! I am going to be picking up some 6qt black racks made by Lone Star Racks and the white racks you see in the picture are from JPM Reptilia! It is a process and I can't wait to have the whole room sorted out!

Recently we acquired a really cool gecko named Bambilion from Ludacrest shown here:

I bought him as a possible Cappuccino, and admittedly he looks very cappish so I am super excited about this project. Of course since his line is not proven, it is going to be a big project to prove him out and may take a long time. I have a lot of friends who are working with Caps so hopefully I can get a female eventually from them, but for now I am playing the long game and honestly I am 100% okay with that. I grew my visual and female hets from small kids so it took me a while to make visuals but I saved a lot of money! Honestly either way he is such a good looking male and very different then what I have here and what I usually work with so I am going to have a lot of fun with him!

In other news, my visual Oreo Milkshake was featured in MorphMarkets newsletter and I was just beside myself excited when I got that email in!

I am a small time breeder and what I mean by that is this is a side hustle I do that I am very passionate about, my full time job is being a Stay at home Mom maintaining a house hold and taking care of my 4 beautiful children. I am always on the move, always busy but I make time for my passion which are these reptiles, often not going to sleep until 1am or later, answering questions, cleaning, feeding, pairing, posting on social media sites, networking, and more just like many other breeders I know. It is so much work and to be featured like this makes me feel so good!

Oreo Milkshake did get sold and will be leaving the country to his new digs, and yes we are going to miss him so much, he is a favorite not just in my colony but in my family but the money will be used toward our moving expenses, upgrades for my gecko room, and bills! We are very grateful for every sale I make because it helps support my geckos and my family!

I feel like I reaching my goals and pushing the limits in way I didn't even know existed. This is year 7 for me and I am just so grateful to be in this reptile community and to know so many amazing breeders who I am learning so much from and who support me in many ways! Thank you guys for your support, comments, likes, and shares! I can not wait to show you guys what I am producing next!

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