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Life update!

Oh man I am just so elated right now because after being out for about a year, I got to admit I felt a little rusty when it comes to selling geckos but the amount of support I have gotten this past month is pretty amazing! I always try to do the most when it comes to my costumers and I feel especially now in these really scary times we need to have that kind of positivity whether its answering a question big or small, maybe also recommending another breeder if you don't have the stock. You guys rock, I love the likes, the comments, the shares, the positive feedback, the checking out of my website, the questions on care, and just the general interactions have all been really amazing!

One of the main reasons the support has been really great when it comes to sales is that currently we are in the process of trying to buy our first house! Yes, it still feels foreign to me that this is happening but every sale I have made has gone into gecko supplies, my ticket to Chicago for Tinley ( also funds for that trip), and the majority is being saved up right now to go toward our new home! Yes this means a bigger reptile room which in turn means more room for all the really cool projects we are working on this year! I have so many ideas for upgrades, I am constantly trying to make my work more efficient while also trying to provide great care for my animals! So in about two weeks roughly we will be doing inspections and hopefully if all goes well we will close at the end of Feb.

Now I want to touch base on a project that I am working on this year we are calling The Knight Black Project: Code name Dark Lords, hahah say that three times fast! This project includes a loan with Krystal's Scaled Menagerie who is also an amazing breeder from Texas, but currently in New Mexico ( make sure to follow for updates). She sent me her dark female Batman's Sandwich and we will be pairing her up with Gandalf le Grey ( Visual Axanthic) and we are hoping to produce just some crazy dark 100% hets!

Batman's Sandwhich

If you do not like spots then avert your eyes because both have them, actually I am a huge Dal lover on both patterned and patternless bases! Anyway we are really excited and I hope to update later on with some great results.

Then I have the gorgeous Zelda, who I acquired in trade from a breeder near Austin, centexgecks, who is just such a greatguy, he really knows his stuff! Zelda is from AE's Charcoal line so I wanted to get her with my LW Coffee Cream to hopefully produce some really nice Phantom Charcoal LW's!

If you want to know what those might look like then you are in luck because the Queen herself Janine DeHoyos from Treehouse Geckos is the master! She has been working on her project for a while now and has produced some crazy nice stunners! If you don't follow her already you should, she is working on some CRAZY nice stuff over there.

I do have one more dark girl coming in later on, side note thank you so much to Shelby at Tipsy Scales (make sure to follow her) for picking her up for me! I am still debating on what area to work with her but I hope this helps give you guys an idea of what I am trying to work on and I would love to hear what you guys are working on this year as well! Leave a comment!

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