Sliding into 2022

First of all its very obvious from my last post I did not keep up with up with this blog at all because I ended up working on another project this past year and gave birth to a baby girl! Now that I am back to feeling better again, I am more then excited to go into this next year with big goals and fun trips planned!

If you follow me on social media then you saw that I produced my very first visual hatchling and when I saw it run out the egg I screamed, I happy cried, and then I sad cried because my dad missed this huge event in my life by a mere 3 months ( we lost him not too long ago suddenly). This goal has been in the works for 2 and 1/2 years, ever since I purchased the sire at 2g ( Altitude Exotic lines).

Now I did not know if the lines would be compatible when the pairing was set up since the 100% het female was from Wild Thing Exotics so it made this event honestly 10x better. I still am working on my AE x Manatee pair which I have heard through the grapevine is also compatible so it seems to just be a matter of time. Unfortunately I have not gotten many eggs from that 100% het to 100% het paring and I have no eggs from Eve at the moment but I can wait, let me tell you being patience is one of my strong suits! So far I am only releasing two 100% het Axanthics of which one is on hold currently and only to locals at the moment.

I am debating whether or not I should do holds this next year, I have people messaging about geckos but it is really hard for me to let anything go because I am so use to holding things back. If and when you breed, and especially as you start breeding high end consistently it gets REALLY hard, and my collection is not the biggest. This next year I want to focus on growth rate and offering geckos at larger sizes. This helps me determine the sex better and keep what I really need back for myself. Word of advice breed for yourself first always and you will never be disappointed.

Other then my Axanthic/ Lilly White Het project, I will be working on producing nice red Lilly whites and hopefully orange out of Dahila ( she is from Austral Gecko). I am working on a Halloween project which is very new to me, I have never really aimed for that although Hobbes and Chocotaco produced quite a few very nice high contrast dark kids. I wouldn't call them Halloweens because of the white, ( and oh man people will fight on this) so I do have a pairing dedicated to just that project. I of course want to continue with extremes, tricolors, and on the newer end I am in the talks with teaming up with Krystal's Scaled Menagerie on a dark project and in the future talks with Tipsy Scales for some dals. You can see I dabble in a bit of here and there with cresteds, but this year I am also working with Aritonnic on a high color leachie project ( possibly another project as well) and continuing with the Gargs. I am hoping to pair up my Chahoua for the first time this next year but we will see. You can tell I have alot to keep me busy!

I want to try and aim for weekly blog posts even if its just for me to keep track of what's going on for my personal use. If others read and learn from it then even better! I know I stopped doing videos so I want to try to be better about that as well.

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