Sneak Peek in 2022

So let me start by saying I have been getting ALOT of messages about hets and I just started so I won't have much available for awhile. Currently I have one local hold but that's pretty much it, although I will see if I will drop one in the near future! I wasn't going to do holds, but I do need funds for a very busy schedule this next year and to do some major upgrades that I will need for all the projects we will be working on! For now make sure to check out morph market, also my friend Matt at Lizard Wizards Reptiles may have some available so please make sure to contact him about his Obscurial line!

Speaking of upgrades, I have been corresponding with an amazing near by business called Lone Star Reptile Racks because I really want to be able to house a lot of geckos in the safest and most effective way possible. We currently have an 18 bin rack from them that I got awhile back, and its very sturdy and made very well! If you are looking for PVC custom racks or other similar projects I highly suggest you contact them! Robert is very professional, great at his craft, and prompt! I am beyond excited for when those get in!

Shown here is Lone Star Reptile Racks setup at HERPS Stafford

One of the coolest things about being a breeder who dabbles in vending is all the really amazing vendors you meet! I vend some HERPS shows when I can ( some NARBC) and I really feel like we have a lot of amazing people who are really passionate about their work. I myself am primarily an online breeder, but there really isn't a substitute for getting out there and meeting with people who are as excited about reptiles as you are! I know with covid things are really different so I try to be careful best I can, but after having a whole year off I am truly excited to get back out there again!

So some of the projects I am going to be working on this next year are as follows:

Red LWs Project

Orange LWs Project

Halloween Project

Axanthic LW het/Visuals/Hets Projects ( Working with AE, Manatee, & Wild Things Exotic lines)

Dark and Cream Project

Extreme Projects

Tricolor Projects ( Red/ Orange/ Black)

Dark Projects ( Maybe Portholes)

High Color Leachianus Project

Red Stripe Garg Project

Reticulated Garg Project ( Black/White/Orange(?))

And probably more honestly, but this is what's going on off the top of my head. As you can see there's a lot here to work with and I want to make it known that I would not be able to have gotten any of this done without some really amazing breeders friends of mine! I hope this next year goes well and I would love to hear about what you are most excited to work with this next year!

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