Updates to the gecko room

As you guys can see I have shut down shipping yet again! Unfortunately here in San Antonio, Tx Covid cases have rose exponentially, so I am yet again just focusing on the care of my collection and the residents visiting here.

Something new in my collection is all adult enclosures have had paper towels replaced with substrate. I am using Prococo Compressed Chips-N-Fiber in every adult enclosure and juvenile tubs. This came about after seeing Crestopia Reptiles using it a while back with her adult enclosures.

Now, there are legit concerns when it comes to using substrate such as maybe a gecko will choke on it, or try to eat it. I myself have seen a female take a mouthful of soil in my earlier breeding days. Some had said it was because the gecko was missing nutrients or "testing" the soil. I will be keeping an eye on them, especially the females.

48 digging around the new substrate
Why use lay boxes when its all a lay box?

A few girls instantly took to digging in or being curious about the surroundings. I did take out the lay boxes, I figured they will be digging into the substrate and one of them did! Although i will have to egg hunt I do not for see it being a huge problem, they tend to lay around the same time, and all of them dig around for a while before laying. If you know what to look for its not hard to tell.

I will keep you guys updated on on this turns out! I did add isopods as a clean up crew, so lets see how it goes.

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